Etela Farkašová: The Road Script And The Theory Of Reproduction

Born in 1943 in Levoča. She graduated in mathematics and physics at Trnava University and philosophy and sociology at Comenius University in Bratislava. Afterwards, she taught at a high school and later at a university; in 1998–2010, she was a head of Department of Philosophy and Philosophy History at Faculty of Philosophy, Comenius University. She writes poetry, prose, essays, and radio plays; she also dedicates herself to journalism, non-fiction literature, editorship, literary history, and literary science. She is the author of roughly three dozen books, for example Scenár [The Script] (2017), Cesty [Roads] (2015), Na rube plátna [On the Canvas Backside] (2013), Teória poznania [The Theory of Knowledge] (1980), or Reprodukcia času [Reproduction of Time] (1978).